Legalization is a process of regulating the situation of a property near the City Hall of the city in which this property is located. Applicable in situations where the construction, modification or addition to the property has already been performed. Commitment and high quality of the design of the plants required for this process of legalization, are: low plant, longitudinal and transverse cutting plant, facade plant, situation plant and roof plant. The plants are made by means of the technical visit and measurements of the establishment to be regulated.


Is it necessary to obtain a Construction License from the City Hall of the city where the land is located? Yes, the City Hall makes some demands, among them, the Architecture Project. We guarantee with quality the elaboration of the necessary plants for the process: low plant, plant of longitudinal and transversal cut, plant of facade, plant of situation and plant of roof. The plants will be executed, by qualified professional, according to what the client wishes for its construction and taking into account the current legislation.


The person in charge of a property in the State of Rio de Janeiro, should carry out Periodic Technical Surveys, with a maximum interval of five years, verifying the conditions of conservation, stability and security and ensuring, when necessary, the execution of the restorative measures. Decree No. 37,426 / 13 regulated the application of Complementary Law 126/13 and Law No. 6.400 / 13, which oblige these surveys to be carried out. The Law requires that all commercial and residential buildings under 25 years of age carry out inspections at their premises Every ten years. In the case of buildings older than 25 years, the inspection must be done at intervals of five years. The only purpose of the law is to create conditions for the condominiums to identify and solve previously damages in their facilities and structure, thus avoiding accidents that they place In check the life and safety of condominiums, visitors and passers-by. With quality and competence, the inspection reports will inform the conditions of conservation, stability and security of its construction.



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